WISDOM in Marriage

If I wanted to gain wisdom about marriage, where would I go? Whom would I seek out?

When I google “marriage wisdom,” a multitude of options wait for me until one catches my eye. 

Among the choices were two articles in national publications - one by someone married 8 years, and one by someone married 50 years. Which one has the most real wisdom? 

Most people tend to consider that a person with more experience would have more wisdom. 

Real wisdom takes knowledge and pours it through the sieve of experience. Experience takes time. 

For the wisdom to be true, godly wisdom (the only kind of real wisdom), the knowledge has to be true knowledge and understanding from the Lord, not worldly ideas.

Wisdom in marriage means that I know God’s heart and His perspective on what is happening between me and my spouse.

To know God’s heart, I have to know Him in a personal and intimate way. When I am at that place, I will want to love my spouse in the same way God loves him/her. I love without limit, without conditions, no matter what happens.

I will forgive my spouse in the same way God’s forgives me - unlimited.

Sound oversimplified? It’s simple but it is not easy. Often I don’t want to do it God’s way. I would rather do my way or follow a friend’s advice. I don’t want to change. If I change, doesn't he have to change? Why do I have to be the one to change?

Wisdom in marriage means that I seek God on what my part is, not what my spouse should be doing. After I seek Him, I follow through on what He shows me to do (even something I don’t like!).