Elements of Appreciation

What are some elements to effective appreciation?

  • Daily - find something every day to appreciate, an action or an attitude 
  • Focus - keep your mind focused on the positive qualities of your mate, instead of the bad habits or hurtful comments. This focus is an attitude of the heart. 
  • Express thanks when you catch your spouse doing something good or something helpful. You have to be looking for the positive! 
  • Praise (out loud) positive character attributes in your spouse. Thank him for who he is, not just what he does. 
  • Be thankful in your heart for all the good that God has given you in your spouse. 
  • Respond in a positive, interactive conversation when your spouse shares her life with you. 
  • Ask your spouse for advice to show you value/appreciate his opinion and judgement. 
  • Speak highly of your spouse to friends, your children, and other family members. Best done in your spouse’s presence!