Children without Parents

Single-parent (unwed mothers) births have gone up 700% in the last 50 years. Right now, if you went to an average hospital, four of every ten babies would have a single parent. Only six of ten babies have parents who are married to each other.

In the African-American community, the statistics are even more bleak, seven of ten babies have a single parent.

How did we get to this point? 

It's a complex issue with many contributing factors - changing beliefs about premarital sex and cohabitation (living together without marrying), cultural acceptance of single-parents versus adoption, government benefits for children of single parents, and others.

This statistic is not going to change directions unless there is a wide-spread change of beliefs in the culture. 

Right now, 60% of all ages in the U.S. believe that premarital sex is not wrong. Among 20-40 year-olds, 80% of non-Christians and 59% of born-again Christians believe that living together without marriage is morally acceptable. These views have changed dramatically in the last 50 years.

Marriage, Family, and the Church

Where are we in the battle for the family?

What is the role of the Church to address the marriage and family issues?

Where is the priority of the church in strengthening marriages and families?

These questions are ones that we all need to answer for ourselves individually but also for the Body of Christ at large and for our own churches.

In the next few blogs, we will share some stats on where we are now.