The Greatest Influence of a Life

For the hand that rocks the cradle,
Is the hand that rules the world.

William Ross Wallace

The influence of a mother is undeniable. The influence can be good, or not so good, … or some of both.

The topic of motherhood is full of emotion, for many reasons - the great mother who has passed away, the absent mother (physically or emotionally) that left a hole in a child’s life, the unfulfilled desire to be a mother, mother of children of another mother. [The complexities of motherhood will be explored in the next blog post.]

Even as I write this, I am full of emotion, thinking about my own mother. Even though she passed away over 7 years ago, I still talk to her in my mind everyday. Her presence is felt always.

My mother gave me a sense of self-confidence, a feeling of being loved always, and a positive spiritual influence. She wasn’t perfect, but she was a great mom. Her life has shown me that I don’t have to be perfect but I can still strive to be great.

Mothers have the most remarkable ability to love their children endlessly, no matter what. When we do that, we show them how God loves.

Our culture sends the message that achievement outside the home is more significant.

Without a debate on working versus staying home, moms that choose to work inside the home, raising their kids are doing a very significant and valuable job, one that no one else can fill!

Influence ……
The influence of a mother upon the lives of her children cannot be measured. They know and absorb her example and attitudes when it comes to questions of honesty, temperance, kindness, and industry. Billy Graham

Paul wrote to Timothy about the great influence of faith, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” 2 Timothy 1:5

Susanna Wesley gave birth to 19 children (10 survived past infancy). She had a strong spiritual impact on them. Two became great pastors who founded the Methodist church. John Wesley said of his mother, “I learned more about Christianity from my mother than from all the theologians in England.”

See the next post about the complexities of motherhood and fulfillment.